Sam Pharoah


Sam is a Professional Photographer and experienced Photography Educator with a track record of effective and authentic engagement with a broad range of businesses, community groups and individuals. Sam’s art and photography practice has always been community facing and socially aware and through teaching in schools, adult and community education and working on creative community projects in the UK and abroad, she has more than 20 years experience of facilitating creativity in others in a meaningful way, from a broad range of age groups and backgrounds, alongside her own work. Sam is passionate about photography as a transformative creative medium and is especially interested in the power of the image, moving or still, to emphatically bring home a narrative.

As an Associate with Ideas Alliance, recent roles have included facilitation and production of Turning Tides ‘Ending Women’s Homeless’ (Hidden and Hunted) exhibition and Project Lead for the UK launch screenings of ‘Clarissa’ film on behalf of Groundswell.


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