Lucie Stephens


Lucie has worked on co-production for over 15 years. At the New Economics Foundation, she developed the theory and practice of co-production. In partnership with NESTA she developed the first co-production practitioners’ network, bringing together over 1,000 practitioners from a wide range of services and places to share and learn together. Lucie has also been instrumental in developing commissioning approaches for co-production and wellbeing outcomes and evaluated a range of co-production practice, working with practitioners with lived and learned experience.

Lucie has worked with a number of local authority partners to improve their approaches to commissioning, supporting them to focus on commissioning outcomes and embedding co-production as their preferred methodology. She has delivered face to face and online training on commissioning for outcomes and co-production, working with small and large groups involved in heath, housing, social care, children’s services and the third sector. Since 2012 Lucie has been working on co-produced childcare. This has included practical work in Deptford, Lewisham supporting local parents and childcare professionals to work together to develop a new parent-led nursery.

Lucie has appeared on TV and radio, produced blogs and online briefing sessions including ‘Reasons to be Cheerful, with Ed Miliband’ and the weekly Economics Podcast. Lucie has authored a number of publications including, The Co-production manifesto, The New Wealth of Time, Public Services inside out; Putting co-production into practice, Quality Childcare for All, Co-production in Mental health, Health as a Social Movement: Theory in to practice, A Childcare Infrastructure Fund.



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