Isaac Samuels


Isaac is an established community campaigner and co-production advisor. He has worked for 25 years within the health, social care and housing sectors supporting those at risk of disadvantage due to social, political and environmental barriers such as poverty, health and or disability, to live their best lives. He does this by supporting people to share their lived experience to shape policy and their desired life outcomes irrespective of the systematic barriers they may face.

Isaac has lived experience of his own inequalities associated with his own health and social care support needs. He is passionate about supporting others to overcome these particular barriers. His lived experience of the effects of life-changing health conditions has shaped his knowledge and approach.

Previously, Isaac has held a wide variety of roles which have including being a professional leader and facilitator of integrated policy for people living with additional support needs (disabilities), research and practice within the multiple contexts of nursing, mental health, HIV/AIDS stigma, co-production, mental health research, choice and control and the Care Act.

Co-production is at the heart of all of Isaac’s work which is based on a rights-based approach for all people to determine their outcome and be the authors of their own narratives. Isaac’s values are compassion, equity, fairness and breaking down stigma through living by example.

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