Clare Evans


With fingers in lots of pies, Clare likes to mix it up with on the ground, hands in the soil community projects alongside workforce training and development and strategic leadership roles.

Clare is founder and director of Ekho Collective, a non-profit, community organisation focused on connectivity and the environment offering people the chance to enjoy the local landscape, fostering curiosity to explore and learn new skills and experience social connection.

Along her journey Clare has worked for the third sector, local authority and public health, local NHS and currently regionally for NHSE/I on the personalised care agenda, the common thread has always been about seeking bolder and better ways to put people at the centre of all that we do.

​Clare is director and trainer for Undivided Training Ltd, providing workforce training in all areas of personalised care and is associate trainer for Birmingham City University, co-developing and delivering PCI accredited training for care coordinators in the new PCN roles.

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