Storytelling in Dudley

We worked with Dudley Council to help them explore and set their new priorities for adult health and social care services.

Dudley Health and Wellbeing Board
September 2017 - April 2018
Community storytelling, Research, Report writing, Graphic design, Listening training, Event planning

What we were asked to do

To engage with a wide range of people using a story-telling approach to identify the key priorities for the new Adults Alliance Health and Wellbeing strategy over the next 5 years and begin to define a new relationship/nature of engagement between organisations and communities.

What we did

  • Over a six month period we had conversations with over 150 local residents and 75 practitioners from statutory, voluntary and community sector groups.
  • We employed an appreciative approach throughout and used a mixture of interactive methods to reach people, including structured events, focus groups and ideas stations.
  • In order to hear the stories of local residents we went to trusted places where people were already gathered and had conversations with individuals and groups from all walks of life and levels of service and community involvement.
  • Over the six months, we had the privilege to listen to people in their living rooms, cafés, streets, local gyms and community spaces.
  • We trained two cohorts of local practitioners and residents in active listening skills. This gave them the confidence to go out and gather stories from people they knew, neighbours, friends and family and as a consequence, extended our reach into the community.
  • The information gathered was then thematically analysed.
  • The results were a clear set of outcomes, guiding principles and recommendations which are detailed in this report.

What happened

We ended the project by curating a multi-media celebration and showcase of all the people we had met and the stories we had had the privilege to hear complete with live storytelling sessions and an exhibition of stories and photographs. The event was attended by over 70 people and participants were invited to listen to the story-tellers and share their own experiences with them and others.

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  • Dudley: A story of stories

    A report commissioned by Dudley Council