Evaluation of public and patient involvement

We helped Tower Hamlets Clinical Commisioning Group evaluate how effective their current strategy had been in creating meaningful patient involvement.

Tower Hamlets CCG
January - April 2018
Research, Analysis, Report writing

What we were asked to do

To help understand whether Tower Hamlets CCG’s current strategy (2015-18) and approach had been effective in creating meaningful patient involvement and engagement.

What we did

We structured the review on an established framework to help us understand the context, resources, activities and overall impact of the work. During four months, we spent time with over 100 different people in Tower Hamlets, hearing about what has worked well and why, as well as ideas for improvements and developments that could support and drive the CCG’s ambitions. We spoke to commissioners, practitioners, GPs and engagement experts; we drank coffee with community commissioners and enjoyed curry with patient leaders; we also held stalls at Roman Street and Chrisp Street markets and walked and talked with residents to build the local picture.

What happened

Our findings were pulled together in a final report which concluded with a set of strategic and operational recommendations; we also highlighted some of the great examples of public and patient involvement that were happening across the borough and suggested key objectives to frame their next strategy.

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