A critical reflection of co-production

We reviewed Turning Tides current approaches to co-production.

Turning Tides Charity
October 2019 - May 2020
Criticial reflection, evaluation, advice and support

Current Project

What have we been asked to do:

We are currently supporting Turning Tides, a charity based in Worthing which supports people in their journey out of homelessness. We have been asked to review their current approaches to co-production and to outline news way in which they can be more ambitious and work towards producing a more co-productive culture across the organisation.

Work so far:

So far, we have started to use a range of approaches to understand the depth, successes and barriers to coproduction across the organisation. We have conducted face-to-face interviews and focus groups which has enabled staff to self-reflect on their progress to date, whilst undertaking observations of key meetings at different levels, especially where people who use services, are involved.

Next steps:

Next year, we plan to continue with stakeholder interviews and begin qualitative assessments and critiquing of relevant policy, procedure and care management models. We will showcase our findings through an interactive e-report which will draw together the different elements of the work. We also plan to facilitate a learning and reflection event to share our recommendations and prompt dialogue between key stakeholders to begin to embed systems change across the organisation. We will give you an update next year on how this project progresses.

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