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by Immy Robinson

Understanding the 9 million active neighbours of lockdown

The coronavirus crisis saw a huge movement of community activity and support. Immy Robinson, co-lead of the Relationships Project, shares their research about what made people come together. How we can support the different types of active neighbour with an ecology that enables community activity to thrive?

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by Anna Eaton

Maternal Journal: Collective Power Award

We learn all about Maternal Journal, a worldwide peer-led movement helping people process the major changes they might experience in pregnancy, birth and beyond through creative journaling. The first in our series showcasing the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance's brilliant Collective Power Award 2021 shortlist.

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“The Hub acts as a glue bringing together people and organisations who are doing so much to positively disrupt their local systems.”

Burcu Borysik, Mayday Trust