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by Azad Sharma

Interview with Sue Sheehan, Incredible Edible Lambeth

We caught up with Sue Sheehan, co-founder of Incredible Edible Lambeth and learned all about urban food growing and building the community.

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by Azad Sharma

Theatrical Co-production

We've been thinking about the 'art of co-production' and learning more about the use of theatre to co-produce ideas, projects, and even change the law!

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by Linda Hutchinson

Your language is revealing

If we are genuine about wanting to coproduce and work with people and patients at the centre of our thinking, then we must show this by choosing our words carefully.

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by Helen Sharp

Idea of the Month: “You can’t be what you can’t see”

This quote from a famous children's activist reminds us that we all need real-life inspiration to get the best out of co-production

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“The Hub acts as a glue bringing together people and organisations who are doing so much to positively disrupt their local systems.”

Burcu Borysik, Mayday Trust