24 Hours in Urgent Care

| Anna Eaton

Watch how a local community uses technology, theatre, participation and social media to co-produce a new mental health urgent care pathway. This video documents a West London Collaborative event commissioned by Like Minded for West London Mental Health Trust.

Attendees engaged with simulated mental health scenarios with the help of The People Speak who create projects that get people speaking to each other in creative formats. We love their style and featured another video on their work earlier in the year.

Audience members took part in the simulations to get them sharing ideas and thinking about different people’s perspectives when it comes to mental health issues. An expert panel analysed each scenario and the audience voted on how peopel in the simulation could be supported. The activities got people thinking about how pathways are designed and how people can be are helped with mental health in the future.

If you would like to know more about the West London Collaborative (WLC), check out our case study and interview with Jane McGrath, the Director of WLC.

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