The People Speak

| Greg Watson

The People Speak are an organisation providing ‘tools for the world to take over itself.’  This involves utilising creative and innovative projects to get people talking to each other about the things that matter most to them in order to further debate around communities, decisions and the public sector.

These projects include ‘Talkaoke’, a pop-up round-table discussion panel that encourages participants to share existing ideas and generate new ones together and the ‘Unlecture’, which subverts the typical format of a lecture by turning the focus onto the audience, relying on their expertise and insights to shape discussion and debate.

By using formats which are immediately familiar to participants,such as that of a TV panel show or a game show, The People Speak are able to get people to let their guard down and open up. This in turn makes it easy to engage diverse groups of people and organisations in discussing, shaping and changing their world creatively.

Photo by Oleg Laptev

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