Welcome to our Ideas Hub

| Linda Hutchinson

Welcome to our Ideas Hub. It’s the culmination of a few weeks of conversations I’ve had with lots of different people but the story starts before that with two areas of realisation for me.

Firstly, I’d noticed that alliancing as a way of turbo-charging collaboration was being picked up by those who already had an ethos of co-production and asset or strength based working. Alliancing, as a way to bring in the collaborative decision making, contracting or financial aspects, fits with that ethos. I am very proud of the work we have done because of this and have learnt so much about empowering people and communities in the process.

We are the conduit, you’re the story.

Linda Hutchinson

The second element is the life of a roving consultant. I often find I’m telling a story about one place that inspired me when I am with the next ones. And so on. I realised that I was (to use my medial training) the ‘infectious agent’ – passing on ideas. What if I could do that on a larger scale. Then Helen Sharp came along, newly freelance and described how much she would have welcomed that when she was in a Council. (Read Helen’s first Ideas Hub blog here).

Hence this Ideas Hub, put together by Helen and myself with the help of Anna Eaton and Greg Watson.

Our aim is to be the champion and spreader of ideas and stories about great people doing great things that are about communities and people. We’re the conduit, you’re the story. We have no idea (excuse the pun) about how this will evolve or develop but we’re excited about hearing from you and creating a network of people who, like us, get excited about those small stories, big and small, about inspiring people and great ideas.

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