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We are a social enterprise aimed at promoting the benefits of collaborative, strengths-based and community driven approaches. Our mission is to accelerate progress towards a future where public services work in equal partnership with local people rather than ‘to’ or ‘for’ them using these approaches.

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We have a wealth of experience in community engagement, storytelling, coproduction, children's services and health and social care.

  • Storytelling

    For strategy development, evaluations and to drive change

  • Co-production advice and guidance

    Through workshop sessions and supporting you on specific projects

  • Communities of Practice

    People learning and sharing together in a safe, open space.

  • Community research and evaluation

    An appreciative approach to quantative and qualitative reviews

Straight from the Ideas Hub

Looking for ideas and inspiration? Here you'll find stories about communities, collaboration and co-production in action.

by Azad Sharma

Regional Leadership for Empowered Communities and Personalised Care Programme: another opportunity to participate

Leadership for Empowered Communities announce a series of regional leadership programmes for the Personalised Care NHS plan. Find out how to participate.

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by Azad Sharma

Fun Palaces: fostering culture and community

We spent a lot of 2019 thinking about co-production in the arts and we want to begin 2020 with the same creativity at the front of our minds. Creativity in a community setting encourages togetherness and often the sharing of valuable skills to nurture arts and sciences at a grassroots level.  We were delighted to find Fun Palaces, an organisation…

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by Azad Sharma

Space is the Place: How community story-telling changed my relationship with my surroundings in 2019

Our 2019 review article explores how our relationship to space changed through various stories we've told and organisations we've met.

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Who we work with

We've been privileged to work with a range of people and organisations including local authorities, charities, community members, voluntary groups and national bodies.